Why are your e-bikes more expensive than some other seemingly similar e-bikes available on the market?

  • If you make a component for component comparison between WOW E-Bikes and the generic imports, the difference in terms of quality will soon become apparent.

What is the life expectancy of my battery?

  • Under normal operating conditions your top quality cells Li-ion battery pack will be functioning at optimum condition for many many charging cycles and will last for many years if protected from extreme high or low temperatures.

What range in terms of distance can I expect from my e-bike battery?

  • Depending on a couple of impacting factors such as the weight of the rider, surface ridden on, topography, wind conditions, Pedal Assist Level selected and average speed you could get up to the following ranges: 48V / 13.6Ah – 60km 48V / 20Ah - 90km 48V / 21Ah - 100km

How long does it take to fully charge my battery?

  • Every WOW E-Bike comes standard with a 3A Smart Charger which should charge a battery fully from very low in 3 to 4 hours.

Should I wait till my battery is completely flat before charging?

  • Preferably not. Our Lithium Ion battery packs do not build up memory and can be recharged from any level.

Can a Li-ion battery be stored for extended periods?

  • It can, but never at a low level of charge and never exposed to very high or low ambient temperatures.

Can I ride in the rain?

  • Light rain is okay yes. Our systems are water resistant and not waterproof, we do advise not to ride in areas where your motor or battery may possibly be submerged in water – a WOW E-Bike is not an amphibian vehicle.

How do I prevent corrosion when living in a coastal area?

  • Use Anti-corrosion spray like silicone spray to maintain your e-bike after each ride or if your bike has been standing for a while. Keep your WOW E-Bike clean and dry, especially around the electrical components.

Mid Drive Motor System VS Hub Drive Motor System, which is better?

  • Although both systems are good and have their own pro’s and con’s, at WOW E-Bikes we opt for brushless hub motors as the wear and tear on the chain drive is a fraction of what it is on a mid drive motor and the hub drive is also more forgiving when an e-bike is ridden in a less than optimal gear selection.

Are parts and servicing readily available?

  • WOW E-Bikes are proudly assembled in Paternoster on the Cape West Coast and we stock all spares on our e-bikes as well as give after sales service.

Does my e-bike have to be serviced at and by WOW E-Bikes?

  • No, the electric parts of our e-bikes are sealed and for all practical purposes maintenance free. On the mechanical parts of the e-bikes we use components that are readily available at any decent cycling shop and routine maintenance can also be done by most any cycle workshop.

What guarantee/warranty do you provide?

  • Warranty on the frame is 24months and 18months on all electrical and mechanical components.

What is excluded in your guarantee/warranty?

  • Improper operation, improper maintenance, accident damage and water damage are excluded.

Do you deliver and what does it cost?

  • We use The Courier Guy and deliver free of charge to any town/city in South Africa.

Is it difficult to assemble the boxed e-bike when it arrives?

  • No, it’s very easy – you basically just put in & tighten the front wheel, turn & tighten the handlebars & re-fit the two pedals. Easy to follow instructions are included in the box.

Do you offer and financing options?

  • We have added a link under FINANCE which redirects you to YONDA BIKE FINANCE.
  • YONDA Finance deals with WesBank.
  • YONDA has a quick app that takes 30 seconds to complete and gives you an immediate answer!