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As a result of the phenomenal growth in the eMobility market globally in recent years, it has become an ever increasing tourism visitor’s trend to explore popular tourist destinations across the world on eBikes.

South Africa is a recognised outdoor destination with exceptionally good weather and is therefore attracting many active nature loving tourists, making it a very suitable market for eBike tourism.

The Western Cape is by far the most popular destination for international tourists to South Africa.

Electric bicycles are quiet, produce no harmful emissions and at the same time improve rider health.

WOW eBikes Paternoster, our Partner eBike Tour Operator, was established to develop and service the tourist market within this specific tourist region through the creation of Sustainable Unique eBike Experiences with local partnerships.

WOW eBikes franchised eco-tourism hubs will be rolled out across Southern Africa at popular tourist attractions and tourism hotspots, creating local opportunities and jobs by sharing skills & resources, doing responsible guided eBike travel to unspoilt natural areas, conserving the environment and sustaining the well being of the local communities.

Join us as a WOW eBike Franchisee not only playing your part in becoming less dependent on fossil fuels, in forward thinking environmental education, sustainable development, and local economic empowerment, but also becoming the proud owner of your own profitable business whilst doing something you’ll love.

Visit Paternoster without delay and have the experience of a lifetime riding a WOW eBike along the breathtakingly beautiful beach or exploring the magnificent Cape Columbine Nature Reserve.

  • All contact points on eBikes are sanitized after each ride
  • Helmets are supplied and sanitized after each ride
  • Welcome to bring along own cycling helmet if preferred
  • WOW eBikes buffs are available for sale
  • Wearing Sun Block is advisable and also for sale


  1. Minimum age: 12 years
  2. Minimum length: feet must be able to reach the pedals at lowest point
  3. Maximum weight: 120kg
  4. Experience required: rider must be able to ride a pedal bicycle
  5. Never extend seat post above maximum indicated height
  6. Always wear a helmet
  7. Always wear a reflective vest
  8. Always follow guide’s instructions
  9. Always stay behind the guide
  10. Always ride in single file, except on beach
  11. Always keep a safe following distance
  12. Always stay in the group
  13. When in town, always keep left and watch out for traffic
  14. Beware of cars, pedestrians and dog walkers
  15. Stay clear of sea water and ride above water mark