Commercial eTrike

R54,850.00 VAT Inclusive

This electric powered work horse is ideal for commercial movement of small loads and suitable to any size business wanting to increase profits and decrease pollution. Rider height is high for maximum visibility and front suspension fork ensures ride comfort on any terrain. It is allowed to ride safely out of the traffic in dedicated cycling lanes and an excellent choice as any light delivery vehicle. It’s also suitable to pull application specific trike trailer.

Trike is fitted with a high efficiency 750W brushless geared front hub electric motor with a reduction ratio of 1:5 and 80 Nm of ample torque. It comes standard with a maximum size 21Ah 48V Samsung Lithium Ion battery pack which doesn’t build up memory and increases range significantly. The 25A heavy duty intelligent controller provides motor and controller temperature protection as well as intelligent parameter setting. All round hydraulic disc brakes assure safe stopping every time and the 8 Speed drive train provides a suitable gear range for its application. Fat tyres on double wall rims give excellent traction on any surface.

  • Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • Front Suspension Fork
  • Suspension Seatpost
  • Mountain Style Alloy Pedals
  • Foldable Saddle
  • Aluminium Double Wall Alloy Fat Rims
  • Aluminium Alloy Handle Bar
  • 26″ x 4.0″ Kenda front tyre/tube
  • 20″ x 4.0″ Kenda rear tyres/tubes
  • Mud Guards
  • KMC Anti-Rust Chain
  • 8 Speed Shimano Acera Drivetrain
  • 104 BCD Chainring with aluminium guard
  • Front and Rear Dual Caliper Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Front and Rear LED Lights
  • Front aluminium loading basket
  • Rear Alloy Load Box with Zip Load Bag
  • 48V Bafang 750W Front Hub Motor
  • Bafang 25A controller + speed sensor
  • Bafang LED Display
  • PAS and Thumb Throttle
  • 48V/21Ah Samsung Lithium Ion Battery
  • 54.6V 3.0A Quick Charger

1. How to wash your eBike:

  • Never use a high pressure washer to clean your eBike.
  • The pressure can force water into electrical components as well as mechanical components of your eBike which can cause problems and corrosion.
  • The best way to clean an eBike is with a wet sponge or a garden hose at low pressure running water.
  • Make sure the eBike is switched off and that the LCD display and control switch is covered when using a hose.
  • Use a soft brush like a paint brush to remove sand and dirt from hard to reach corners.
  • Be sure to spin the wheels and turn the crank after washing your eBike to disperse water from the bearing areas before parking the bike.
  • Use silicone spray or any anti-corrosion spray to prevent corrosion.
  • Do not contaminate the brake rotors or brake pads with any type of oily substance.
  • Clean chain with paraffin, rinse thoroughly, let it dry completely, wipe with a cotton rag and apply one drop of chain lube to each chain link on inside of chain.
  • Never leave your eBike in the pouring rain and never ride through water deeper than crank or hub height.

Download Care and Maintenance Document

2. Battery care:

  • Battery casings are weather proof, but refrain from spraying water at high pressure onto batteries.
  • Always switch battery off when washing your eBike.
  • It is crucial to charge the battery fully before first use.
  • Modern Lithium Ion batteries do not build up memory and it’s better to charge battery fully after use than to drain fully before each recharge.
  • Never store the battery in a discharged state and always store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Extended periods of extreme heat may damage batteries and shorten the life expectancy thereof.

3. eBike Servicing:

  • The electric system of an eBike is sealed and for all practical purposes maintenance free if installed correctly.
  • Other components of eBikes are similar to conventional bicycles and maintenance is done accordingly.
  • For complete peace of mind we recommend that you have your eBike serviced professionally by WOW eBikes as per recommended service schedules where possible.

4. Warranty information:

  • Frame: 24 months
  • Samsung Lithium Ion Battery 18 months
  • Bafang Motor: 18 months
  • Bafang Controller: 18 months
  • Charger: 12 months
  • Improper Operation
  • Improper Maintenance
  • Accident Damage
  • Water Damage


WOW eBIKES is about more than eMobility – it’s about a new lifestyle and a better way of life.

At WOW eBikes we offer quality eBikes at the best value for price and suitable to a wide range of diverse applications, ranging from commuter use to recreational and commercial use. Using only tried and tested electric and mechanical components not only assure durable and reliable eBikes, but also a hassle free and enjoyable rider experience. We render a trustworthy after sales service in terms of both service delivery and the availability of spares in order to create a truly WOW customer experience from A to Z.

It is the built quality of the bikes itself as well as the superior quality specifications relating to components and group sets that set WOW eBikes apart from the other off the shelve cheap Chinese eBikes currently offered on many platforms and sold under a multitude of brand names.

As oppose to these generic imports, WOW eBikes offer:

  1. All round dual piston caliper hydraulic disk brakes for better braking.
  2. High efficiency 750W brushless geared rear hub electric motor with reduction ratio of 1:5 and 80Nm of ample torque.
  3. Heavy duty 25A controller.
  4. Higher capacity 48V/13.6Ah Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery Pack which does not build up memory, gives a longer range and improves battery life expectancy.
  5. High power charger for faster battery charging.
  6. Double wall alloy rims.
  7. Complete single brand engineered electric system drastically improving reliability and durability.
  8. Significantly better quality in terms of upgraded Shimano and SRAM mechanical drive train group sets with wider gear range improving the riding experience as well as reliability and durability.
  9. 10 Speed trigger shifter and rear derailleur with clutch mechanism.
  10. Availability of spares.
  11. Product warranties and after sales support.