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Pioneer Finance facilitate safe and secure private finance with ease to ensure peace of mind for both the buyer and seller, even if you are complete strangers.



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    I have never been declared mentally unfit by a court,

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    I do not have any current application pending for debt restructuring or alleviation,

    I do not have any current debt re-arrangement in existence,

    I have not previously applied for a debt re-arrangement,

    I am not under sequestration,

    I do not have applications pending for credit, nor open quotations as envisaged in section 92 of the National Credit Act.

    If any of the above is incorrect give details:

    I hereby grant the Credit Provider the right to communicate with me through any electronic/written media or verbally in order to make available to me,their product offering.

    I hereby give consent to the Credit Provider to make enquiries about my credit record with any credit agency and to obtain whatever information on me they might require to process the application.

    I also give consent to the Credit Provider to share my payment behavior with any credit agency.I hereby declare that all of the above information is true and correct.

    I confirm that all of the above mentioned to be truthful and correct and has been completed by myself.

    A copy of the following supporting documents will be required once you have been pre-approved:

    ID & Drivers
    Proof of residential Address
    3 Months Bank statements

    The originals are required when signing the contract.

    Please note that your application will be managed with utmost confidentiality and top priority.

    Please note that the completion of the application form does not guarantee finance and that the financial institutions answer is final.